Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Holiday SPEEDO Run Redux

So, as a true fun-loving, spandex-loving, self-loving triathlete, you should've been at the Speedo Run last Saturday. But if you weren't (and there really is no excuse), here's whatcha missed (click link for more photos!):

(And if you were, see if you can find yourself in the photos!)

Speedo Run participants

-several hard-bodied, potentially inebriated individuals, young and old, singing Christmas carols and bringing holiday cheer to everyone on the 3rd Street Prominade in Santa Monica, including some overly-happy homeless people, butts runningand a young boy who cried as he tore off his pants to join in the festivities, "This is what I was born to do!" Boy pantsedSaid speedorunners then returned back to their headquarters to enjoy much revelry and holiday spirits and linger in their typically inappropriate attire a little longer / check each other out.Speedo Present

There is truly no better excuse to fill yourself with holiday spirits before 1pm than this event. Yes, that includes any football/basketball/macho man games on tv!

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