Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Website Every Triathlete MUST SEE!

You know how it is. You start out on your run happy and psyched about what you're going to accomplish. After a few minutes, the scenery begins to blur, your body's rythms all sync together. Your mind floats. You're "in the zone". Then all of the sudden...what's that! Your stomach is a little achey. Perhaps you cramp up a bit. Your breathing shortens, and it's not because you're cruising at a fast pace. Something is seriously wrong.

What is it?

Potential heart attack? Muscle spasm? Ruptured spleen?

No, no and no!

You have to poo!

But where to go! You frantically search for a bush, a friendly looking home...anything! If you're in the city, finding a good poo place is an extremely daunting task best left to only the most seasoned runners. (If you're trail running, you're lucky!)

But wait! Betcha never thought of reversing this scavenger hunt! Well, the folks at the Sprinkle Brigade did. That's right! While you were on your frantic search to dump, they were hot on your tail, ready to turn your launched missile into ephemeral works of art! Just kidding. They usually follow dogs. But it wouldn't be surprising if they'd trailed a triathlete once in a while.

Here are a few of our favorites from their gallery:


Terd Burglar Check out the rest of their gallery here. Perhaps you're responsible for one of their masterpieces!

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