Tuesday, February 27, 2007

5 Reasons Why Tri Clubs are Better Than Any Dating Service

If you haven’t yet joined a local tri club, maybe it’s time you reconsidered—especially if you’re single. Here’s why:

  1. Every member has been prescreened to have similar interests to you. Triathletes, no matter what distance they’re training for, are highly motivated, positive, self-sufficient, nice, fun, goal-oriented people. And don’t forget athletic, good-looking, and muscular. Multiply those qualities by thousands of people, and you’ve got a dating pool made in heaven!Tricouple

  2. There are tons of opportunities to meet up with the aforementioned pool of potentially perfect matches under the guise of doing something else. “Training” is the number one best excuse for a date, as are club social events, races, and “carbo loading” i.e. chatting at your local brewpub. Triathlon provides many alternatives to the word “date”, letting you out of the preconceived notions of what should happen on a “date” and the awkwardness that ensues once said “date” doesn’t go as planned. A few more examples of alternative triwords to the word “date”: a “training ride”, a “recovery run”, and an “ocean swim” (if you really want to show off that 6 pack right away)…Runcouple

  3. Everyone you meet will be wearing spandex. If not at your first meeting, then very soon thereafter. So if you want to size someone up, or see him/her in a bathing suit, you won’t have to do any work at all. In fact, your future date will be happy to show off his/her body in the skimpiest outfits known to mankind. If Louis Garneau marked that top and those tiny bum-hugging shorts as appropriate, they must be!TriLady

  4. You can go out to eat, again under the pretext of something like “carbo loading”, and not worry about getting teased endlessly for ordering an appetizer, entrée, and dessert—and licking every plate clean! Your tridate will do the same.Pasta!

  5. Conversation will never fail. Even if you don’t eventually marry the first person you meet at your local tri club, you will have something to talk about. There are endless tri-related topics to choose from, and if you are both trigeeks (almost guaranteed, as you were prescreened, here, remember?), you will both be passionate about whatever the conversation turns to. Like 650 vs 700 cc wheels. Or wetsuit vs. no wetsuit. Or the ridiculous rise in race fees. There’s no way you’re going to eat $150 worth of Gatorade and Powerbars in that upcoming Olympic race! Goodbye awkward first meeting, hello instant connection.Tridudes

So if you’re not already a part of a triathlon club, check one out! There are tons of singles (hey, it’s hard to find someone who understands your drive to work out 30+ hours this week…but not in a triathlon club!), and endless fun events at which to meet them.

Happy tridating!

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