Thursday, February 1, 2007

Sick Sucks--When to Train Through or Take it Easy

Being sick sucks. Chances are, if you've got a big race coming up, you won't let sickness stand in your way of your scheduled work-outs. But when is working out just wearing you down, and when is it still going to be beneficial?

Here are a few completely non medical guidelines to help you decide if your 4:30am ride in the rain is going to kill you or make you stronger:

Symptoms you could train through and still benefit from the workout:

  • a runny nose (perfect for snot rocket practice)

  • a small cough (small like when Derek Zoolander claimed he might be getting the "black lung" and coughed like a baby)

  • feeling a little tired (don't you always from training so hard?)

Symptoms telling you to cut it out and rest!Cough

  • your throat is swollen to the size of a grapefruit

  • walking to the bathroom makes you tired

  • you have a fever

  • your lungs hurt

  • you're achy all over...and it's not because you lifted yesterday

So there you have it. If you're sick, your body is trying to tell you something. Like BACK OFF. So leave those intense interval sessions for another day. If you still feel good enough to move, do something easy. Like spin easy for an hour.

It'd be much worse to work out hard now feeling poopy and miss key workouts in the future than to take a few days off and return healthy, fresh, and invigorated.

And for gosh sakes, if you've been sick for ever, go to the doctor! And make sure to finish your antibiotics. You don't want some super strain of grapefruit-throat inducing virus to hit you harder later!

For further reading with the advice of real doctors, check out this article from CNN.

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