Wednesday, February 14, 2007

5 Tips for a Valentine's Day Your Triathlete Will Never Forget

Chocolates? Candy? Fine wine? A romantic dinner? A stroll on the beach?

All of these things are nice and dandy, but what's really going to win your TriValentine's heart over? Here are a few suggestions for a Valentine's day your favorite tritine will never forget:

  1. Go on a sunrise training ride. And should your love flat, fix it for him/her. Pick a spot on the ride to race to. There's nothing like a little early morning competition to get your lover all revved up about you all day long.Bikeride

  2. Leave a present on your tritine's car. But not just any present. A nice card and a rose would be nice, but they must be in addition to something like a new tube, a bumper sticker professing their trilove, or a gift certificate to their favorite bike tubes

  3. Go out to a meal other than dinner. Ok, so that leaves breakfast and lunch. It'll be delicious, and have your tritine thinking of you all day long. (You can even cut your tritine's stack of pancakes into hearts and drizzle them in strawberry syrup!) Plus, how often do you go out to lunch together during the week? It's like an extra special treat!(You could try cutting their sandwich into a heart...much easier if it's a pb&j.)heart pancakes

  4. A massage. Hey, so maybe it's not so original, but your tritine wants it and needs it badly. Their entire body is sore from what they put it through to kick butt all of the time, and needs some TLC. And it's way more fun to get it from you, their Valentine, than from Olga, the massage therapist/bikini waxer down at the $49 massage shop.massage oil

  5. Sing them an original tune, incorporating their awesomeness, hotness, fitness, kindness, funness, and general all around perfectness. Use a synthesizer or guitar or homemade drum system (think pot + stick) to accompany you. Even if you don't have the greatest voice, your tritine will never forget it. And then you can give him/her the lyrics written on a pretty piece of paper with a hint of your scent sprayed onto it. Classy.serenade

So there you have it. 5 ideas to a surely successful Valentine's Day with your favorite obsessive exerciser. Skip the Hallmark Card and get down to the good stuff!

Now get crackin'! There's no time to waste! (Note: These ideas could also be incorporated into your daily life, making you appear very romantic and spontaneous, two things your tritine will also find very sexy and exciting!)

happy Vday

Any suggestions? Stories about what you've done with your tritine in the past to make Valentine's Day special?

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