Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Best and Worst Pets for Triathletes

You train. Hard. A lot. You work. You have family and friends and just maybe have found a significant other who will put up with your crazy schedule and decreased sex drive at peak training time. Do you really have time for a pet? Why would you want one?

Well, the answers are: yes, if you get the right kind. And: because they give you the unconditional love you might be lacking (mom and dad don't count) and teach you to care about something other than your killer abs for a bit of every day.

So now you want a little friend. Here are some suggestions for a pet that will fit into your trilifestyle:


  1. a cat- they're independent, so they won't freak out when you're gone most of the day. They're also fuzzy and cuddly so you can hug and kiss them and snuggle. (The downside? They might just destroy everything you own if you get one who resents being left alone every day. But as long as it's not your bike or tri clothes, who cares? Buy a scratching pole.)Cat

  2. a hamster- they're fun to watch. They will play in their little tubular home all day and play around in your hands when you get home. Not as much clean up as the cat (littler pet, littler poo), they also don't make much noise.Hamster

  3. a fish- the ultimate tri pet. Very low maintenance. They won't get pissed off and make noise at you when you're sleeping to come play with them. They don't cost a lot and if you're lucky, you might even get one who recognizes your presence and swims to the side of his bowl when you stick your head there to make fishy faces at him. Just don't name it Goldie, that's lame. How about Peter Reid?Fish


  1. a dog- ok, here this one out. Assuming you work out and then work all day long, a dog is not ideal because it needs love and attention. Not to mention bathroom breaks. They are, however, extremely intelligent and loyal and will definitely give you the attention and unconditional love you may crave, if frequenting your local tri club functions has not yet yielded a significant other. But coming home from a long hard day to find a yellow lake on your kitchen floor is not going to make your hectic life any easier.Puppy

  2. A bird- yes, they're low maintenance, but they sing. Not good when you need nappy time or sleepy time. And you don't want PETA on your butt when your bird suddenly eats it one of your restless nights. Not like you'd kill a bird or anything...Bird

  3. A ferret- they like to munch on your toes and bite holes in your clothes. Enough said. (And they're illegal as pets in California.)Ferret

So there you have it. If you feel your life is all about you, need some tlc, or a little more entertainment in your life that's not spoon-fed to you from the E! channel, try getting a pet! It may be just the change you need to get re-inspired about your training and your "you" time.

Happy pet finding!

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