Monday, February 19, 2007

5 Reasons Why Triathletes are Good at Karaoke

It's certainly not an obvious link: triathlete-karaoke. But if you're a triathlete, it's time you tried jumping onto the stage after finishing your long run! Here's why:

  1. You're already so tired from working out, you don't need much alcohol (or any) to get you up there with no inhibitions. And a person without any personal filter = a karaoke rockstar.KaraokeGirl

  2. You've worked so hard on creating that rock hard body, you deserve to show it off. And there's nowhere better to do that than by taking center stage. (Heck, maybe you've even been practicing your rockstar scream on your long runs in an attempt to keep strange animals away.)Abs

  3. If you choose a Mexican karaoke bar, you can get free chips and salsa all night to fuel your dance in the spotlight and refuel yourself from the morning's workout. Mmmm. Chips and salsa...MexicanBar

  4. You get to be social--with your other tribuddies and nontribuddies alike. They don't need to be able to keep up a 6:15 pace for 20 miles to do this activity with you. And so they shall enjoy it thoroughly.karaoke bar

  5. You get to accomplish something cool and non-work related while not wearing spandex. This opportunity occurs extremely rarely in a triathlete's life. So wear a cute cocktail dress or a dapper collared shirt. Because tomorrow morning, you'll be wearing a speedo and wreaking of chlorine again.SuaveManCutelady

So get out there and get your groove on! Just google "karaoke bar directory" and the name of your city, and you'll find tons of places to let loose!

For the Los Angeles Karaoke Bar directory, click here!

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