Monday, February 26, 2007

Ode to the Long Ride

Lone Cyclist

When I start out all alone

sometimes I just want to go home.

Everything hurts and I'm in a lot of pain

and I certainly don't like to bike in the rain.

Then somewhere around mile 60

My body decides to do something nifty.

The endorphins kick in and I'm riding on high

I can't even feel that pain in my thigh.

I begin to fly up the climb

Making it to the top in record time.

And once I hit the top,

The feeling doesn't stop.

Nothing could possibly go wrong,

And I begin to sing my favorite song.

Then just at about mile 90,

Something happens that is quite slimy,

No, nothing to do with my numb toes,

A very juicy bug dies on impact with my nose.

Ewwwwwww! Splat! It's all over my face,

Its little yellow bug guts go all over the place.

And you might think this would ruin my endorphin rush,

But then I get to thinking and such:

Much better the squishy bug than me,

And so I ride home hapily.

120 miles I have covered,

New places I have discovered.

And I am so proud of me,

But I keep thinking of that juicy bee.

Poor fella was out for a Sunday flight,too,

But, hey, whatcha gonna do?

Happy long riding!

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