Friday, February 2, 2007

What to Do On Your Rest Weekend

It's finally here! The weekend you don't have to ride at least 100 miles or run until your brain becomes numb from bouncing around so much! But the thought of all this unstructured free time is giving you the heebegeebees! What to do!?

Here are some suggestions to get you all excited about your weekend of rest and relaxation (while your muscles are all excited to build themselves up and make you stronger):

  • spend time with your neglected pets. Take Fatso on a walk. Start him on his tri regimen. Go to the park. Let him meet a little lady. Play fetch. Have fun!

Fat Cat

  • spend time with your neglected family. Take your spouse / kids for a walk. Go to the park. Set you kids up on a date. Play frisbee. Go rollerblading. Lie on the beach (or, if it's freakin freezing in your neck of the woods, build a snowman!)Family at Park

  • watch the Super Bowl!!! And have some pretzels and chips and beer while you're at it. You deserve it. Paint yourself the colors of your favorite team and gloat when they show the dudes on TV in the stadium who wrote "Go Team" on their stomachs. It looks much better on your 6 pack. Your abs, that is.Super Bowl

  • Read a book. A fiction book. A book that is non sports related. A trashy romance novel. A thriller. A political satire. Anything! Exercise your brain!Thriller Novel

  • Propose to your significant other. Hey, if you've been thinking about it, now's a good time. You'll even have time afterward to, you know, do something with him/her like go to a movie or out to the clubs to celebrate. Because next weekend, and for the next 3 weeks, it's all about you again...Diamond Ring

  • Sleep. A lot. Like at least 10 hours every night, or if that doesn't fit into your crazy social lifestyle, take a nap. That's right, they're not just for kindergarteners anymore.Sleep

  • Go see a movie. In an actual theatre. Heck, stay for 2 or three. It's about time you caught up with what's hot in Hollywood and added some more memorable movie quotes to your repertoire. Check out "Smokin' Aces" with the boys or gals, then see "Because I Said So" with your mom.Cinema

  • Clean your place. Hey, it doesn't sound like fun, but wouldn't it be nice if that perma-sweat mark under your trainer finally disappeared? You're probably not the only one who would appreciate that!Mr. Clean

  • Check out a local car show and marvel at the fact that these people opted to spend their money putting TVs in the headrests their '85 TransAms when they could've bought a new carbon fiber frame!Pimped Car

  • Go shopping! Rules: No spandex. (Unless it helps with the fit of say, a nice sweater...) Nothing you would ever wear to workout, swim, or sweat in intentionally. Buy a new date dress, or a nice spring colored collared shirt. You'll really impress your sig. other if you show up at his/her door in something other than that stained team sweatshirt from your glorious college XC days.Shopping

  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen. You'll be doing something sweet for other people for once, and probably walk away with a free meal yourself. Good karma and free food. Not a bad deal.Soup kitchen

  • Go to church. If you're religious, chances are you've become a solo practitioner. Heck, you've gotta be on your bike by 7am Sunday morning every other weekend! God will be with you as you ride. Besides, you pray to Him all the time during your ride that you won't get hit by a catering truck. He'd probably appreciate it if you'd visit Him once in a while and say thank you for not letting you become road kill after all those years and all those miles.Church

Just remember: Relax and have fun! It's only 2 days, then back to the beat-yourself-up, no-time-for-you, it's-all-about-me building phase again. So go party like a rockstar! Even if it means falling asleep by 8pm and dreaming about partying like a rockstar...

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