Monday, February 5, 2007

Hilarious Tri T-Shirts for the Ladies

Maybe it's not enough that you get to flaunt your sexy toned arms at every social function. Maybe you'd like to share exactly how you got those arms...and that fabulous derriere, and have everyone know just what went into making you into the fine specimen that you are. For the racy racing ladies out there, look no further! There are t-shirts made to do just that. Check these out:

Ass Tee Well, are ya?

DNF Tee That's right! And there's probably no "u" either.

Boys Tee And there's nothing wrong with that!

Husband Tee Oooo, no she didn't!

Hangover Tee It happens.

Fartlek Tee It happens, too.

For more funny tri tees, and some pretty offensive ones you DEFINITELY should NOT wear to the office...or in an area where the general public doesn't like to go on long runs of 3+ hours on their Sunday mornings, check out this site. Happy racing!

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